Premier was founded during the first quarter of 1997. The senior staff members, formerly with LANSystems Inc., an international systems integration firm, bring decades of combined experience in the legal systems integration arena. This expertise and knowledge extends to such areas as infrastructure design, legal and financial specific desktop design, customized document management solutions, secure firewall implementations, large scale project implementations, custom software development and on-going systems maintenance support. Our mission is to provide our clients with sound advice, recommendations, project implementations, and continuing support regarding technology needs in today’s business environment.

We recognize that our success is reliant on our ability to find and keep quality employees. To that end, we have assembled a team of individuals who are the best professionals in the field. Having the best people helps us obtain and retain the best clients.

One of our core principles is to foster an environment in which our people can be successful. We staff our project implementations with individuals who possess the appropriate skill set to accomplish the task and are sensitive to the business culture in which they are operating. By placing our employees in situations where they can succeed, they in turn can achieve the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Such an environment produces hard-working teams that meet and exceed client expectations.

The knowledge capital that we have gained through our experience, our relationships with clients, and our employees are critical components of the value we deliver and are competitive advantages for our firm. We document, share and leverage this knowledge to assure that our clients are getting the most for their technology investment. Our technology focus is influenced by the challenges our clients face today and by their goals for tomorrow. It is our aim to be viewed as a member of our client’s team not only on a project basis, but also as part of an on-going business relationship. This type of professional relationship is based on a trust established as a result of our commitment, cooperation and delivery.

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